Information Prior to Sleep Study

What to bring

  • Pyjamas or loose comfortable clothing to sleep in. You must wear clothing top and bottom during your sleep study 

  • If you wish, bring along your favourite pillow or doona/blanket for your own comfort

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste

  • Reading material

  • For CPAP patients - bring along your own mask, headgear and tubing.

What to do prior to arrival

  • Know where the sleep centre is located well in advance, as it may be dark by the time you are travelling for your sleep study

  • Try to follow your normal routine as much as possible

  • Avoid napping

  • Shower and wash hair

  • Avoid using make up, hair gels and sprays as these may affect setup of equipment 

  • Remove nail polish (a finger sensor will be used during study)

  • Where possible, males to have clean shaven face (longer beards are fine)

  • Eat an evening meal prior to arrival. There are no meals provided during your sleep study. 

What to expect during the study

  • There are numerous sensors that need to be applied for a comprehensive sleep study. These will include electrodes applied to different parts of the scalp and face to monitor your brain activity, straps around the chest and waist, leg motion sensors, ECG electrodes, a finger clip for oxygen levels, snore detector on the neck and a thin cannula under the nose to detect breathing. Our staff will strive to set up the equipment so you are as comfortable as possible.

  • Once the equipment is on you are still free to move about the clinic and go to the bathroom. Everything is plugged into a portable box. 

  • We require lights out by 10.30pm so that we can collect adequate data

  • Wake time will be between 5am and 6am

  • There will be some wax residue left in your hair from the electrodes - this will come out with warm water in the shower 

  • There may initially be some red marks left on skin from the tape that is required to secure electrodes. Do not be alarmed by this

  • The sleep centre will closed at 6:30am, so ensure travel is arranged accordingly if you are not driving yourself. 


Preparation before Home Sleep Tests

  • You will be set up with the sleep study recording device at one of the Sleep Health Group locations and you will wear the device home with you

  • Please wear loose and comfortable clothing that you can sleep in that night. The equipment will be placed over the top of this clothing. You may wear a jacket over this equipment for your travel home

  • Please remove nail polish from index or middle fingers prior to arrival

  • You will not be able to do any physical exercise, shower, or any other activity that may dislodge the equipment. Our staff will explain this to you when you attend for the setup

  • You will be required to return the device to the same location the following morning. A time will be allocated for the return of equipment during the booking process.