Exercise and Sleep - Insomnia

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Exercise is good for sleep.

Studies consistently demonstrate that individuals who exercise more not only report better sleep than people who exercise less, they also have demonstrably better sleep when tested with sleep studies. There is a point where ‘over exercise’ can reduce sleep quality, but we know that it is unlikely to apply to you unless professional sport is your main occupation.

Insomnia is less of a problem amongst people who exercise regularly than amongst people who don’t.

Insomnia is defined as difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep for more than three months, which is distressing in itself, however it also impacts negatively on daytime functioning. Insomnia is very prevalent in our community, particularly amongst elderly people.  It affects around 25% of adults over the age of 65.  Regular exercise – either in the morning or the afternoon – helps people get to sleep quicker, stay asleep, sleep more and have more deep sleep.  It also reduces depressive symptoms which are commonly associated with insomnia.  Individuals who exercise regularly tend not to report an afternoon ‘dip’ in energy levels.  However, the benefits of an exercise regimen in the management of insomnia are not immediate, becoming apparent only about 8 weeks into the program.

Combating insomnia purely with exercise can be challenging. The first step to success is to clearly establish the causes of difficulties sleeping. At Sleep Health Group we analyse many potential problems such as restless legs syndrome, circadian-rhythm disorders and a range of breathing disorders, to pin-point the problem and treat appropriately. .

At Sleep Health Group we are committed to helping our patients sleep well and live well. Contact us to find out how you we can work with you to overcome insomnia.

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