Australians aren't sleeping enough.

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Australians aren’t sleeping enough.

While one in every seven Australians experience actual insomnia, as many as 60% are experiencing symptoms of the disorder, multiple times a week.

Importantly, this statistic doesn't just mean people are having trouble getting to sleep; the effects of sleep deprivation bleed into every aspect of life.

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These effects can be things like irritability, short attention spans, memory problems and an overall lack of energy. This means that sleep deprivation doesn't just affect you, but everyone else in your life; colleagues, friends, and family.

But on top of these short-term quality of life issues, insomnia can have major long-term consequences like depression, diabetes and heart disease.

Perhaps most concerning about these newly emerging statistics, is that out of the one in seven adults with severe insomnia, the majority of them are undiagnosed. And with the consequences of the disorder being potentially fatal, letting it “sort itself out” is not the right way to go about it...

The bottom line is, if you are one of the people experiencing sleep problems, you need to get it sorted out by a professional. Sleeping well is the key to maximising your health, work, and relationships.

If you, or someone you know, is having trouble sleeping, then please talk to your GP, and get in touch with us to find out how we may be able to help.

Sleep Well - Live Well


If you want to know more about how sleep deprivation affects different people (old, young, male, female), this article from the Sydney Morning Herald has some interesting statistics:

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