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Patient Pathways

Click here to see the pathway your patient may take throughout their sleep study process if they have suspected Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

In the investigation of a sleeping disorder, the pathway for diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management is different for each individual.

This emphasises the importance of guidance through the process, which typically starts with an initial consultation with our sleep physicians. This may either be face-to-face, or via teleheath, depending on your patient's location.

Once our administration team receive a referral, they contact your patient to arrange a consultation where our sleep physicians clinically evaluate the most appropriate pathway and tests required to properly investigate and manage your patient's suspected sleep disorder.

At Sleep Health Group, we do not believe that every patient who snores requires CPAP. 


We dedicate all of our resources and energy to the diagnosis and ongoing care of patients with sleep disorders, having absolutely no interest (financial or otherwise) in the sale of therapeutic equipment.  We do, however, identify retailers of therapy in the community who provide excellent patient care at affordable prices. If these retailers maintain high standards of diverse care, they may remain one of our many recommended community therapy providers for the long term management of OSA. 

If you have any questions about the services provided at Sleep Health Group, please contact us at info@sleephealthgroup.com.au