My Results

Once your sleep study is complete, it is analysed by RPSGT qualified sleep technologists and reported by our sleep physicians. This process can take some time, as there is a large amount of data collected which needs to be reviewed frame-by-frame.

Once the data is reviewed and final report is signed off by our sleep physicians, the result is sent to your referring doctor. If you have been scheduled to have an appointment with one of our sleep or respiratory physicians, you will receive your results on that day.

The time frame between your sleep study concluding and receiving your results is typically 2-to-3 weeks.

There are several recommendations made on how the sleep physician will manage your sleep disorder.


This may include:

Consultation with sleep physician

In most cases, this can be an important part of the sleep study pathway as it is essential to understand what was found during your sleep study and what our next step will be to manage your sleep disorder. Your consultation may be in person with our sleep physician, or conducted via teleheath with the assistance of our sleep technologists. (More information on the consultation process)

CPAP titration sleep study

If you have been diagnosed with clinically significant sleep apnea, your sleep physician may recommend that you undertake a follow-up sleep study where you will trial a therapy called CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). This sleep study allows us to see how your sleep apnea responds to CPAP treatment and if you need to start this treatment, what settings your machine will need to be.

Other follow-up sleep study

In some cases, your sleep physician may recommend a follow-up sleep study to trial a different therapy if it is deemed appropriate for your sleep disorder, or a reassessment sleep study once other recommended interventions are implemented. This may include a dental splint, provent, surgery, medications or a reassessment after weight loss and combined exclusively lateral sleep.

Return to your GP

In some cases, your GP may prefer to discuss the results of your test with you. This is sometimes noted on the referral from your GP. In these instances, we send the results back to your GP and leave management in their hands, unless we are called upon to assist any further.


Sleep Health Group will contact you once your results have been sent, to action the recommendations. If you require a consultation or follow-up sleep study, a date will be booked for you at that time.

Contact Sleep Health Group if you have any questions or concerns regarding your sleep study results.