Light Therapy

Light therapy is a treatment used for people who suffer from circadian rhythm sleep disorders. It is used to expose your eyes to intense, but safe amounts of light for a specific and regular length of time, to help regulate the internal body clock. 

When your eyes detect bright light, your body responds by signalling your brain to be awake and alert. This process also helps your body to understand when it’s time to sleep.

Light enters the eyes and stimulates sensory cells. Activated cells then send signals to the brain to suppress a hormone called melatonin. The levels of melatonin vary over a 24-hour cycle and increase at night causing us to feel sleepy. 

The suppression of melatonin enables us to change the time we feel tired and help maintain a consistent sleep-wake rhythm.

As part of our patient management programs, our sleep physicians routinely prescribe a loan of AYO Light Therapy glasses for a period of one to four weeks. This trial period gives our patients and specialists insight into the effectiveness and benefits of light therapy on an individual basis. 

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