The clinical pathway for diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of a sleeping disorder is different for each individual.

This emphasises the importance of professional guidance through the process, which, in most cases, starts with an initial consultation with one of our sleep physicians.

Depending on the what you are being referred for, you will likely have a joint-consultation with one of our sleep physicians and sleep technologists. The role of our sleep technologist in clinical consult is to gather a detailed background on your medical history, symptoms of your suspected sleep disorder and any relevant information that the sleep physician will require. 


Once we have a clear picture of your medical history, our sleep physician joins the consultation and can spend more time focusing on the finer clinical details and begin to explore exactly what actions are needed to properly investigate and diagnose your condition. This process can be very efficient and leaves no stone unturned, which can sometimes happen if you are in a time-restricted-appointment with a doctor and do not have an adequate chance to ask all the questions you would like answers to.


Once our administration team receive your referral, you will be contacted to arrange a consultation where we will clinically evaluate the most appropriate pathway and tests required to properly investigate and manage your disorder. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about clinical consultations and fees involved.